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What is To Market?

To Market is a platform that connects purveyors of local edible goods directly to restaurants and chefs that need them the most.

To Market is a simple online marketplace for sourcing and selling the highest quality local goods.


Simply track your inventory online and it automatically becomes available to local Chefs for easy online ordering.

Just set your prices and availability and your business is open for online ordering!


Take the guesswork out ordering your ingredients. Stop losing track of orders and cut your ordering time so you can spend more time in the kitchen!

The finest local farms are just a click away with easy online ordering and tracking.


Say you make artisan pickles- You can use To Market to buy your ingredients from local farmers, and list your goods for sale directly to local restaurants!

You'll get all the benefits of being both a buyer and a seller with the same account!

bringing chefs to farmers

and the farmers to market

The Story

We Believe we can feed Denver from Denver

  • Spring 2015

    An Idea is Born

    It's not just about the idea, it's about food as a whole, and how it comes to be. We want to supply the best chefs with better ingredients. We want chefs to spend less time tracking down orders and discovering ingredients and more time in the kitchen doing what they do best: creating amazing food.

  • Spring 2016

    The platform goes live

    Our first few customers and initial sales have been the ultimate validation. Personal experience in the kitchen led us to build To Market, and the chefs and farmers we've worked with have provided amazing feedback. We're improving the platform and scouring the state for the absolute highest quality ingredients available.

  • Today

    Request an Invite

    We're looking for local Restaurants, Chefs, Farmers and Makers who want to streamline their ordering, save time and get their hands on the absolute best ingredients the Denver area has to offer.

The Team

The Best of Both Worlds
Food + Tech

David "Moose" Moosman

Founder and CEO

Ken Boggs


Rick Darlington

Technology Advisor

We're always looking for the best and brightest at the intersection of Food and Tech.
Drop us a line if that's you!

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